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My growth India is a PAN India initiative which ties the knot between generating investment and employment. Our organization deals in multiple business segments offering an impressive array of opportunities for the growth of investors, employees, stakeholders, and youth employment. We are expanding our business in trend with today’s generation with our E-Rickshaws. We have successfully launched these eco-friendly vehicles throughout Punjab and Tricity and are rapidly spreading all over India.

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Our Vision

To establish an environmentally conscious business that shall create opportune investment options for the rising entrepreneurs and employment for the next generation. To grow mutually with investors, stakeholders and employees by creating profitable opportunities for everyone.

Our Mission

We have successfully launched our eco-friendly E-Rickshaws PAN India. With this venture, we aim to make local commuting easy, affordable, comfortable, and a pollution free ride. With our successful business expansion, we are giving birth to entrepreneurs and creating jobs for the unemployed.

Step 1

Business Plan

We are current provides E Rickshaw Services, E Rickshaws helps in preservation of the environment.In future we will launch e Bike, e Car etc

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You can join My Growth India company, We will launch our plan.

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How to work

My Growth India company work on E Rickshaw Services.

Our Business



Our E Rickshaw provides efficient use of energy and saves money, they have low running & maintenance cost, have a longer life, and are economical than other non battery operated vehicles. Our products are built for longer life & better fuel economy making it more cost effective than other conventional e-rickshaws.


E Rickshaws helps in preservation of the environment. Almost all types of fuel used cause pollution, electric vehicles have zero emission which helps to reduce pollution and offer a much healthier surrounding. We strive to make our environment better and cleaner by introducing our electric vehicles in more parts of the world.


We have a widespread support network, we have over 200+ service centers across India, and provide dedicated service in other countries, we provide a complete solution to keep the vehicle in running condition and ensure minimum downtime to increase earnings of our customers

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